battery Value chain


The electric car battery value chain is long and offers many opportunities for business. In addition to raw materials, the value chain covers the production of chemicals, precursors, cathode active materials, cathodes, and battery cells and packs. The batteries used in electric cars can be reused and the materials used to manufacture them are worth recycling for reuse. 

Comprehensive cooperation is needed to make the most of the battery value chain potential. 

we offer an excellent base for cooperation 

Finland offers an outstanding platform for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries and related intermediate products. We are unique in having key mineral resources such as nickel, cobalt and lithium.

Furthermore, we already have large-scale battery chemicals production in Finland, with significant new investments announced to further process minerals. These solid upstream resources pave the way for building the full value chain for battery cell production.

  • Strong competence in mining and processing 
  • Strong electro-technical industry 
  • Notable machine builder and energy companies 
  • Advanced electricity grid and market 
  • Strong players in ICT and service providers 
  • Solid know-how in recycling