Finland and Battery production


The demand for electric car batteries and raw materials needed for the manufacturing of batteries is expected to continue to increase in the coming years. Today, approximately 50 kg of nickel, 8 kg of lithium and 7 kg of cobalt is needed for a fully electric car lithium-ion battery that is manufactured using NMC 811 technology. 

Based on its mineral resources and other strengths, Finland has the potential to fill the cathode material needs of one large electric vehicle battery (EVB) plant. This translates into a key supplier position for one or two car manufactures in Europe. 

By developing the battery value chain in Finland, we are supporting the electrification of traffic and aiming at curbing the climate change. 

Finland HAs STRONG BENEFITS for EVB production  
  • Possibilities for co-investment and long-term partnerships with State-owned Finnish Minerals Group 
  • Politically stable operating environment for business
  • Secured supply of responsibly produced high-quality raw materials 
  • Know-how in the chemical industry, process engineering and raw materials 
  • Energy with reasonable costs and a low CO2 footprint  
  • Access to knowledgeable labour and strong R&D knowledge