Finnish battery minerals


Raw materials play an important role in the competitiveness of electric vehicle battery production, accounting for around 50 per cent of the cost of battery cells. Demand for the most critical minerals is estimated to continue to grow rapidly over the next few years. 

Finland is the largest producer of nickel in the EU. It is also the only EU country with its own cobalt production and known resources exceeding 445,000 tonnes. Production of lithium and graphite is also expected to commence in Finland in the 2020s.

bioleaching for energy efficiency

Our sudsidiary Terrafame Oy, a leading Finnish multi-metal company, has specialised in bioleaching. The company utilises microbes to extract metals from ore and its bioleaching technology is proven to be an energy-efficient way of producing nickel, for example. 

On the whole, the greenhouse gas emissions of the nickel production process are around 40%, sulphur dioxide emissions 2% and energy consumption 20% lower than average. The company is currently conducting a new LCA study on its nickel production based on the latest output data.