Mining in Finland


Mines are an integral part of Finnish society. We currently have a cluster of more than 40 mines producing metal ores and industrial minerals. Finland is also Europe’s leading producer of nickel and has cobalt and lithium in its bedrock. 

According to Fraser Institute’s annual survey 2020, Finland is the second most attractive jurisdiction in the world for mining investments. Our strengths lie in our good geological database and ore potential, political stability, high educational level, and high-quality infrastructure. 

An advanced sector that creates partnerships

In Finland, mines are typically located in regions where jobs are really needed and valued. The professional development and training opportunities and career paths offered by mining companies are also what attract people to the industry. The mines have many partner companies, and they also accelerate regional SME growth in other sectors. The total employment impact of mines in Finland is roughly 13,000 person-years, including both direct and indirect employment. 

Also included in Finland’s mining cluster are major global companies specialising in mining technology and metals processing. Furthermore, many companies and research institutes are interested in participating in creating the battery value chain, which creates new types of coalitions. 

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