Value chain 

The electric vehicle battery value chain is long and fragmented. It consists of raw material producers, processed material producers, battery cell and pack producers as well as end users, who are typically car manufacturers. In the fast-paced, evolving battery market, Finland has a unique opportunity to maximise the value of its raw materials by creating an attractive electric vehicle battery value chain.  

 finland offers compentencies throughout the value chain 


  • Strong competence in mining and processing 
  • Strong electrotechnical industry 
  • Notable machine builder and energy companies 
  • Advanced electricity grid and market 
  • Strong players in ICT and service providers 
  • Notable know-how in recycling 


Finland as a solid base for value chain development 

Finland offers an excellent platform for lithium ion battery manufacturing. We are unique in having all the key mineral resources needed in battery manufacturing within our territory.  

Moreover, Finland already has large scale battery chemicals manufacturing, with significant new investments announced to further expand the chemicals production.  

These solid upstream resources pave the way for building the full supply chain for battery cell production in Finland.

In addition to the upstream resources and capabilities, Finland has excellent availability of CO² free power at one of the lowest costs in Europe, strong engineering competences and good availability of talent.  

Furthermore, stable and predictable business, regulatory and political environment as well as very competitive corporate tax rates strengthen the competitiveness of Finland over other possible locations of battery operations in Europe.   

Moreover, Finland is known for its commitment to sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important for long term success of companies.  

Finnish Minerals Group is looking for partners with whom to co-invest in cathode and cell material production in Finland.