Finnish Minerals Group is wholly owned by the State of Finland. It operates in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act, the Articles of Association and other legislation in force. The company also complies with the government resolution concerning the State's ownership policy. 

The highest decision-making power at Finnish Minerals Group is exercised by the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Directors. The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the ownership steering of the company. Finnish Minerals Group is domiciled in Helsinki, Finland. 

The Group companies comprise Finnish Minerals Group as well as multi-metal company Terrafame Oy, Sokli Oy and project company Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy with its subsidiaries. 

Further information:

Finnish Minerals Group’s Articles of Association 
Our Code of Ethics 
Corporate responsibility principles for suppliers
Our remuneration policy and report

Board of directors 


Finnish Minerals Group’s Board of Directors shall, in accordance with the Companies Act, see to the administration of the company and the appropriate organisation of its operations. It is responsible for the company's strategic development, directing and supervising its business operations, as well as deciding on key operating principles. The Board of Directors appoints the company's CEO who reports on the company's operations to the Board regularly. 

The Board of Directors shall also be responsible for the appropriate arrangement of the control of the company accounts and finances. It is responsible for promoting the interests of the company and its shareholders. The Board has approved its rules of procedure.

Kummu Antti
Kummu Antti

Chairman of the Board
Born 1976
Master of Science (Economics), CFA
Partner, Capman Growth Equity

Känkänen Janne
Känkänen Janne

Deputy Chairman of the Board
Born 1967
Master of Social Sciences
CEO, National Emergency Supply Agency

Ruokonen Eeva
Ruokonen Eeva

Born 1960
Master of Science (Technology), Licentiate of Science (Technology), MBE (diploma)
CEO, Oy Terrekta Ab

Kankaanpää Teija
Kankaanpää Teija

Born 1964
Master of Science (Technology)
Head of Mining Excellence, Yara International

Korhonen Ilpo
Korhonen Ilpo

Born 1964
Bachelor of Science (Engineering), eMBA


The CEO of Finnish Minerals Group manages the company's day-to-day activities in accordance with the instructions and orders given by the Board and the statutes in force. The day-to-day management of the company includes the company's business management and monitoring, conclusion of agreements and implementation of the decisions made by the Board.

Hietanen Matti
Hietanen Matti

Tel. +358 40 823 8806
Born 1977
Master of Laws, trained on the bench, Master of Science (Economics)