The mission of Finnish Minerals Group is to responsibly maximise the value of Finnish minerals. We provide active and competent capital for the technologically advanced mining sector and aim at creating an integrated electric vehicle battery value chain in Finland. 

Our values encourage us to be curious, forward-thinking, bold and visionary and to look for long-term partnerships.

Active ownership of Finnish minerals

We want to be an active owner in the Finnish mining industry, engaging in development projects and their industrialisation. Our long-term investments take into account the financial and operational aspects as well as the responsibility of operations.

Technological development of the mining sector

Our technological development focuses on the environment, efficiency, and higher utilisation rate of raw materials. We support the industry in the implementation of technologies and coordinate and manage strategic R&D projects with our network of partners in Finland and at the EU level. 

Creating an electric vehicle battery value chain

Our goal is to create an integrated value chain for manufacturing electric vehicle batteries in Finland by bringing together the relevant parties. Our strategy is based on co-investing, with the aim of attracting investments in the production of battery materials and battery cells, and for recycling solutions.