The mission of Finnish Minerals Group is to responsibly maximise the value of Finnish minerals. We provide materials that enable Finland and Europe to strive for climate neutrality.

Our values encourage us to be curious, forward-thinking, bold and visionary and to look for long-term partnerships.

sustainable battery value chain 

Finnish Minerals Group attracts investments to Finland based on strategic partnerships by offering a unique access to local expertise and resources. At the same time, we also facilitate the creation of new industry and competences in Finland and enhance the value-add.

Innovative business opportunities

Our role is to create new business opportunities by developing the battery value chain. Utilising our technological excellence and industry specific expertise, we deploy new types of industrial solutions. Our focus is on opportunities that enhance sustainability and the circular economy, increasing the value-add of energy transition materials.

Impact and return through investments

As an active owner, we focus on ensuring that the development projects we are involved in succeed and grow. We invest with a clear commercial market logic and aim for positive societal impact and return on our investments.