Dealing with concerns

Feedback about the activities of Finnish Minerals Group is welcome internally from the company’s employees and externally from individuals and communities. If you have a concern related to our activities and you would like us to take action, you can report your concern using the feedback channel provided on this website.

How can I raise a whistleblowing concern?

In the top navigation bar of this website, select ‘Contacts’. The feedback channel is on the right hand side of the page. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Whistleblowing’. Write your whistleblowing concern in the message field below the dropdown menu. You decide whether or not you want to provide your personal information when reporting a whistleblowing concern. To submit your whistleblowing concern, click ‘Send’.

What happens when I raise a whistleblowing concern?

Messages sent through the feedback channel as whistleblowing concerns will be delivered to four different people in the organisation of Finnish Minerals Group. The message content and case will be reviewed. A response will be sent to those who have provided their contact information. The response will also be sent for information to the chair of the Board of Directors’ Sustainability Committee. In addition, a summary of all whistleblowing concerns raised will be submitted to the Sustainability Committee twice a year, and the summary data will be published in the company’s annual report.

When can I expect a response to my message?

The response time will depend on how much time and effort it will take to deal with the matter. Our target response time is no more than two weeks. If sorting out the matter takes more time, we will give an estimated response time within two weeks. In the response, you will receive information on the action taken to remedy the company’s activities, as needed, based on the information disclosed by you as the whistleblower.

Will my name and disclosure become public if I provide my personal information with the message?

The exact content of your disclosure and your name will be handled confidentially as the company’s internal data, unless the disclosure leads to a request for investigation or other similar measures to be taken by the authorities. People inside the company will only receive information about the whistleblower on a need to know basis for the purposes of dealing with the whistleblowing case. Where necessary, an external expert will be invited to resolve the whistleblowing case. If you disclose your whistleblowing concerns without providing your personal information, the disclosure will be processed anonymously. Please note that we will not be able to send a response to you if you do not provide us with your contact information.

How are whistleblowing concerns dealt with in different organisation levels and by independent parties?

There are not many levels in the organisational structure of Finnish Minerals Group. The company’s management is always involved in dealing with whistleblowing cases. The chair of the Sustainability Committee will be informed of responses to disclosures. Based on an evaluation made by the company’s CEO or the chair of the Sustainability Committee, your whistleblowing case may also be submitted for consideration to the company’s Board of Directors. Decisions on any new policies concerning the company’s activities will be made as part of the company’s operational decision-making or by the Board of Directors. If the whistleblowing concern you raised gives reason to suspect that an offence has been committed, the police will be asked to investigate the matter.

What is the role of the Board of Directors’ Sustainability Committee in dealing with whistleblowing concerns?

As a committee established by the Board of Directors of Finnish Minerals Group, the Sustainability Committee will have, if it wishes, right of access to all the details of all the disclosures sent to the company by whistleblowers. In principle, however, the Sustainability Committee only deals with the summary of all whistleblowing concerns and responses to the disclosures, which is submitted to the Committee twice a year. The Committee does not have the right to independently make decisions on matters concerning the company, but it can submit whistleblowing cases for consideration to the Board of Directors.

What does the annual report’s summary of whistleblowing concerns contain?

The topics and total number of whistleblowing concerns raised with the company are compiled in a report once a year. The actual disclosures and the names of whistleblowers will not be published in the annual report.

Can I trust that the company or its employees will not cause difficulties to me or the organisation I represent for blowing the whistle?

Finnish Minerals Group will protect all whistleblowers against harm doing. Confidentiality will be ensured when processing the personal data of individuals and organisations, and whistleblowing concerns can also be reported to the company anonymously.

How is the security of your website handled?

Finnish Minerals Group’s website is hosted by an external service provider. Our service provider is committed to keeping our site secure.