Are we in or out?

Europe’s recovery from the economic crisis requires cooperation, which is also needed in developing the battery value chain, reminds Reijo Munther in our blog. Read more >

Finland’s strength is the battery ecosystem

The ecosystem enables networking and development of the battery industry in co-operation with other actors, writes Jarkko Vesa in our blog. Read more >

Terrafame’s Sustainability Programme sets course for ambitious goals

Our subsidiary has prepared a programme which provides guidance on using side streams and waste energy, for example. Veli-Matti Hilla shares his thoughts on this in our blog. Read more >

The State profits from investing in streamlining permitting procedures

With the current efforts to get Finland back on the path of sustainable growth, it is worth to further streamline the permitting processes for industrial projects, writes Matti Hietanen in our blog. Read more >

Where to find growth to accompany the battery boom?

In addition to electric cars and batteries, Europe must also strive for leadership in other markets for low-carbon technologies, writes our guest blogger Olli Salmi. Read more >

What could our everyday life look like in the 2030s?

It's hard to see what the future has in store for us, but with some imagination, anyone can embark on a little adventure into what lies ahead. Read more >

Responsibility is the new premium in motoring

The electrification of transport is increasing the importance of responsibility as a means of differentiation for car brands, writes Matti Hietanen in our blog. Read more >

Greater role for Finland in the transport value chain

Transport accounts for up to 25% of Europe’s carbon dioxide emissions, writes our guest blogger Antti Vasara, CEO of VTT. Emission-free transport is a common goal for political actors and industry in Finland and the EU. Read more >

The FEM Conference highlighted new mineral sector prospects

At the Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining Conference (FEM), held in Levi in October, the future prospects for the mineral sector in Northern Finland were estimated to be positive. The situation in mineral prospecting in particular was found promising. Read more >

The advantages of Salo and Southwest Finland in the development of a battery value chain

Setting up a battery pack plant in Salo will open up new opportunities for the city to utilise its knowhow. Now, the city aims to create a battery industry cluster in the area, writes Mayor Lauri Inna. Read more >


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