Finland is emerging as Europe's leading manufacturer of battery materials

Following the recent announcements, it seems clear that our battery ecosystem is turning into something unique, blogs Finnish Minerals Group’s Vesa Koivisto. Read more >

Helping drive Europe’s green future

The commissioning of Terrafame’s new battery chemicals plant is timed right for the market, writes Amin Zahir of Trafigura. Read more >

Responsibility in exceptional times

The coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on various industries. The Finnish mining sector has weathered the crisis well, writes Kimmo Collander of Finnish Network for Sustainable Mining on our blog. Read more >

The environmental sustainability of mines extends throughout the life cycle

Environmental issues are part of the daily operations of mines and included in their decision-making," says Environmental Specialist Hanna Lampinen on our blog. Read more >

Are we in or out?

Europe’s recovery from the economic crisis requires cooperation, which is also needed in developing the battery value chain, reminds Reijo Munther in our blog. Read more >

Finland’s strength is the battery ecosystem

The ecosystem enables networking and development of the battery industry in co-operation with other actors, writes Jarkko Vesa in our blog. Read more >

Terrafame’s Sustainability Programme sets course for ambitious goals

Our subsidiary has prepared a programme which provides guidance on using side streams and waste energy, for example. Veli-Matti Hilla shares his thoughts on this in our blog. Read more >

The State profits from investing in streamlining permitting procedures

With the current efforts to get Finland back on the path of sustainable growth, it is worth to further streamline the permitting processes for industrial projects, writes Matti Hietanen in our blog. Read more >

Where to find growth to accompany the battery boom?

In addition to electric cars and batteries, Europe must also strive for leadership in other markets for low-carbon technologies, writes our guest blogger Olli Salmi. Read more >

What could our everyday life look like in the 2030s?

It's hard to see what the future has in store for us, but with some imagination, anyone can embark on a little adventure into what lies ahead. Read more >


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