A mine creates long-term well-being for the entire region

The municipality of Sotkamo has outlined its strategy’s key themes to be growing vitality, the well-being of its inhabitants and a reasonable use of resources. Each of these goals is supported by the utilization of our municipality’s five strong areas: travel, ores, agriculture, forestry and berries. I will now zoom in at ores more closely. Finland’s rich soil and high level of expertise offer an opportunity for long-term and profitable business that has a significant impact on the region’s economy. Read more >

Saving the world 101

A master in ancient mythology Moses aptly describes in his First Book of Moses the effects of climate change on the hydrological balance of the planet. “In the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.” Read more >

Finnish Minerals to power the future of transport

Electrification of transport is developing fast around the globe. It is estimated that the sales of fully or partly electric vehicles will annually grow by 35% until 2025. Finland is in a good position to become a major player in the megatrend that is in the core of global climate actions. Read more >


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