The FEM Conference highlighted new mineral sector prospects

At the Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining Conference (FEM), held in Levi in October, the future prospects for the mineral sector in Northern Finland were estimated to be positive. The situation in mineral prospecting in particular was found promising. Read more >

The advantages of Salo and Southwest Finland in the development of a battery value chain

Setting up a battery pack plant in Salo will open up new opportunities for the city to utilise its knowhow. Now, the city aims to create a battery industry cluster in the area, writes Mayor Lauri Inna. Read more >

Chemical industry enables low-emission traffic

Batteries have long been the main aspect of development of electric cars. Chemistry and the chemical industry can make a difference in achieving smaller and lighter batteries. Read more >

Building a battery value chain calls for a strategic approach from Europe

The growing popularity of electric cars is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from driving, but there is still a lot to be done across the battery value chain. Read more >


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