The FEM Conference highlighted new mineral sector prospects

At the Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining Conference (FEM), held in Levi in October, the future prospects for the mineral sector in Northern Finland were estimated to be positive. The situation in mineral prospecting in particular was found promising. Read more >

The advantages of Salo and Southwest Finland in the development of a battery value chain

Setting up a battery pack plant in Salo will open up new opportunities for the city to utilise its knowhow. Now, the city aims to create a battery industry cluster in the area, writes Mayor Lauri Inna. Read more >

Chemical industry enables low-emission traffic

Batteries have long been the main aspect of development of electric cars. Chemistry and the chemical industry can make a difference in achieving smaller and lighter batteries. Read more >

Building a battery value chain calls for a strategic approach from Europe

The growing popularity of electric cars is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from driving, but there is still a lot to be done across the battery value chain. Read more >

Mine brings welcomed business to Kaustinen

People in Kaustinen are waiting for the opening of the Keliber mine and the start of production. The municipality is supporting the project with its own activities. The mayor has a small request for the state regarding road arrangements. Read more >

Finland has all it takes to become a top country in mining and batteries

Prime Minister Antti Rinne’s programme entails changes in the regulation and taxation of mining operations. The possibilities brought forth by the battery value chain call for further discussions. Read more >

The mining industry can support the building of a responsible world

The first half of 2019 is coming to an end, so now is a good time to take a look back. Much has happened in the mining industry, and it still has more to give in the area of responsibility. Read more >

The battery value chain and electrification of transport are effective ways of curbing CO2 emissions

Limiting global warming requires effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to a study commissioned by Finnish Minerals Group, domestic battery cell production is in a position to markedly cut down emissions from transport. Read more >

Finland-based Circular Ecosystem of Battery Metals (BATCircle)

The BATCircle consortium was kicked off a few months ago in Finland. Led by Aalto University, the consortium seeks to strengthen collaboration and Finland’s competitiveness in battery metals-related business and research. Business Finland is funding the consortium with approximately EUR 10 million. The consortium includes 22 companies, 2 cities, 4 universities, and 2 research institutes. Read more >

Growing, lucrative opportunities are emerging in the battery value chain

Developing the value chain for electric car batteries offers substantial economic benefits to the Finnish society. According to a study commissioned by the Finnish Minerals Group, the benefits would be seen as both direct economic impacts and multiplier impacts across different sectors. Read more >

Survey by Taloustutkimus Oy: Finns believe in the potential of the battery industry

Finland is perceived as a responsible manufacturer of battery materials and components for electric cars. Finns also believe firmly in the battery industry’s potential and benefits for the Finnish economy. Read more >


The concentrate production of Sotkamo Silver Mine will begin in March, after a determined development period that was started in 2010. Nearly 40 years will have passed since the discovery of the silver deposit in Taivaljärvi upon the start of the concentrate deliveries. Sotkamo Silver Mine is the first of its kind in Finland. Read more >

Electrification of transportation opens up new opportunities for Finland

Finland’s economic success requires that we are able to develop solutions to global challenges that are both sustainable and commercially viable. We are able to advance the electrification of transportation by developing the battery production value chain. Read more >

Industrial cluster for battery metals growing in Finland

Managing the effects of climate change poses a huge challenge. This has resulted in powerful reactions in state administration, companies and among consumers. The development is influencing markets powerfully. It is a significant challenge in the entire chain, which begins by securing the appropriate raw materials. Read more >

The life cycle of a research idea

Research and development is, in many ways, very close to the traditional TV-shopping business. About one in a hundred products or ideas actually work, and all possible circus acts are performed to secure funding. In the end, guarantees come afterwards. Doesn’t sound familiar? The egg sticks to the frying pan and the multi-function exercise machine takes all weekend to fit under the bed and, in addition, falls apart under a body-positive customer. After a week’s use, the steam mop has caused water damage, while the aroma nest is mostly fit for a helmet during hockey in the garden. What about those research products, then? Read more >

Using Finnish technology to create sustainable value

According to the fresh report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), quick measures must be taken to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Fortunately, ways to reduce emissions already exist. Global warming can be curbed if investments in low-carbon technologies and new innovations can be increased on a global level. The long-term goal must be to reach a balance between humans’ actions and the Earth’s carrying capacity. Read more >

Any revision of the Finnish Mining Act should be considered carefully

The end of the year saw widespread public debate on mining policy and near panic about the need to revise the Finnish Mining Act. The debate will likely continue as we head towards the Parliamentary Elections in April. Solutions related to the Mining Act are political decisions, and companies in the industry operate in accordance with the legislation in force from time to time. However, there are certain overlooked aspects related to the matter that should be recognized before any major policy decisions are made. Read more >


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