Future of Mining EMEA London 4-5 September 2019

The event attendees include mining companies, government organisations, finance and investment specialists and more.

Future of Mining EMEA London 4-5 September 2019

04.09.2019 - 05/09/2019

Key agenda topics for the event 2019 include:

• What steps are being taken with the implementation of big data and automation in global gold mining? 
• How do you manage digitisation when parts of a mining organisation are so different?
• What new technologies are available to limit our impact to the environment?
• What events drive society’s views of mining? How do these translate into a company’s strategy?
• How real is the risk of falling short in the quest for new industry talent?
• How can governments drive the mining industry forward?

More info https://emea.future-of-mining.com/