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Yle coverage on Terrafame minority shareholder Trafigura

Finnish Minerals Group comments on news regarding the minority shareholder of Terrafame. Read more >

Terrafame’s nickel sulphate production offers 60% lower carbon footprint than existing conventional processes

Our subsidiary fights climate change by enhancing low-carbon mobility with responsible battery chemicals. Read more >

Corporate responsibility principles for service providers and suppliers

Finnish Minerals Group expects all its suppliers of goods and services to uphold its corporate responsibility principles. Read more >

New financing package from the owners for Terrafame’s development

Terrafame’s owners have agreed on a new financing package to support the further development of the company’s operations. Read more >

Efforts to develop the battery value chain progressing as planned

During its first two years of operation, Finnish Minerals Group has built a robust foundation for investments into a battery value chain in Finland. Read more >

Government proposes to capitalise Finnish Minerals Group

Capitalisation would provide new opportunities for developing the Finnish battery value chain and mining operations as well as circular economy projects related to them.  Read more >

Sanja-Maria and Atte took up their summer jobs

Finnish Minerals Group has hired two summer trainees who have started their work remotely. Read more >

Seven questions for the new Chair of the Board

Antti Kummu’s expertise in working with growth companies and carrying out restructuring is now at Finnish Minerals Group’s disposal. Read more >

Preparations underway for the EIA report on battery materials production

Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy received the ELY Centre’s statement on the EIA programme for battery materials production, which the company submitted to the authority in March 2020. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group subscribes to shares in Sotkamo Silver

Our holding in Sotkamo Silver remains at the same level as before the share issue. Read more >

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