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Finnish Minerals Group hires summer trainees

For the summer season 2021, Finnish Minerals Group will hire trainees for the Sokli project, the legal team and business support. The application period is until 8 February 2021. Read more >

Europe-wide battery development is intensifying

CTO of Finnish Minerals Group Jani Kiuru has been elected to the Executive Board of a new partnership association. Read more >

Tukes decides on the rights to Sokli

The new holder of the rights is our project company Sokli Oy. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group divested its ownership in Sotkamo Silver

The company has sold all its shares in Sotkamo Silver AB. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group acquires rights to Sokli mining project

Finnish Minerals Group will be responsible for assessing future development opportunities related to the project. Read more >

First letters of intent for battery material plant sites signed

Our project company Finnish Battery Chemicals has now signed letters of intent with the cities of Kotka and Hamina. Read more >

Social Responsibility Policy and Code of Ethics updates published

Finnish Minerals Group has updated its basic guidelines for corporate responsibility. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group’s updated strategy focuses on battery value chain development

The battery value chain has potential to create new high-tech industry in Finland. Read more >

Finnish Battery Chemicals’ battery material project to be subjected to two EIA procedures

The company will continue the EIA procedures separately in the Kymenlaakso province and the western coast of Finland. Read more >

The principle of continuous improvement also applies to human rights

In this interview, Finnish Minerals Group’s Responsibility Committee discusses the development of industry and human rights. Read more >

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