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Finnish Minerals Group strengthens its team

Finnish Minerals Group has strengthened its resources in Shanghai and Helsinki. One person will be working for the company in the Asian market.  Read more >

Nature, profitability and battery value chain at the top of stakeholder priorities

The stakeholder survey of Finnish Minerals Group has been completed. A long-term approach and bold initiatives are expected from the company, but they must be conducted responsibly and with consideration. Read more >

Nobel Prize awarded to developers of the lithium-ion battery

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 has been awarded to three pioneers in the development of lithium-ion batteries. According to the justifications, lithium-ion batteries have already revolutionised our lives in many ways.  Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group attends the EU Battery Alliance high-level meeting

The high-level meeting, organised during the Climate Week, is hosted by the Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič. Finnish Minerals Group has been invited to participate in the meeting with ministers and a group of European companies. Read more >

Sustainable battery value chain is a significant step in mitigation of climate change

The Climate Week 2019 NYC has hosted wide ranging discussion on actions contributing to accelerated implementation of the Paris Agreement. Development of European battery value chain is one of the central actions enabling reaching the targets. Read more >

Climate Cycling draws attention to climate change

Finnish Minerals Group is participating in the Climate Cycling Helsinki event with a five-member team. The purpose of the cycling tour for companies and organisations is to draw attention to climate change. Read more >

Let us know about your views for the development of our corporate responsibility

Finnish Minerals Group has published an e-survey, which gives respondents a possibility to share their views on the company’s corporate responsibility. The survey will be available for responding until Monday, 2 September. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group is actively seeking ways to promote sustainability

Finnish Minerals Group wants to promote sustainability in the mining industry and do its part to curb climate change. Read more >

New expert report: Battery value chain to generate highly significant economic benefits for Finland

The goal of Finnish Minerals Group, FMG, is to drive investments in the different stages of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing value chain in Finland. FMG commissioned consultancy company Ramboll Finland to evaluate the effects of the investments currently under negotiations to Finnish society. Read more >

Annual Report 2018 has been published

Finnish Minerals Group has published its Annual Report 2018 in both English and Finnish. Read more >

Ferrovan Oy files for bankruptcy

There were no prerequisites for continuing the voluntary liquidation of Ferrovan Oy, so the liquidator had to file for bankruptcy with the Oulu District Court on April 9, 2019. Read more >

Survey by Taloustutkimus Oy: Finns believe in the potential of the battery industry

Finland is perceived as a responsible manufacturer of battery materials and components for electric cars. Finns also believe firmly in the battery industry’s potential and benefits for the Finnish economy. Read more >

Two new members to the Finnish Minerals Group’s Board of Directors

The State of Finland has appointed two new members to the Board of Directors of Finnish Minerals Group. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group congratulates Sotkamo Silver

Silver mine was opened 27th of March Read more >

Ferrovan Oy to go into liquidation

The General Meeting of Ferrovan Oy, a portfolio company of Finnish Minerals Group, has decided to apply for voluntary liquidation of the company. During the voluntary liquidation procedure, the goal is to identify the conditions for realizing the company’s assets, for finding a purchaser for the business or for the controlled shutdown of the company’s operations. Finnish Minerals Group is not a shareholder of the company but has convertible loan receivables and related option rights in the company. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group strengthens its investment in battery minerals and becomes Keliber Oy’s largest owner

Finnish Minerals Group is making further investments into developing the Finnish mining industry and the value chain of lithium-ion batteries with a significant participation in Keliber Oy’s share issue. Read more >

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