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Finnish Minerals Group joins the Global Battery Alliance

Finnish Minerals Group joins the global collaboration platform that improves sustainability and establishes global standards in the battery industry. Read more >

CNGR Finland Oy to drive the battery materials plant in Hamina
electric car

Thorsten Lahrs has been appointed as the CEO of the new company. Read more >

Survey: Residents of Kymenlaakso region welcome battery material plants

A clear majority of the residents of Kymenlaakso region are in favour of the establishment of battery material plants in Hamina and Kotka, shows a recent survey. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group's Annual General meeting 2022

Decisions on changes to the Board of Directors were taken at our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 4 April 2022. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group Annual Report 2021 published

The Annual Report is now available on our website. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group donates 20,000 euros for humanitarian help in Ukraine

Personnel of the Finnish Minerals Group has chosen Red Cross and Unicef as aid channels. Read more >

Europe must enhance its self-sufficiency in important minerals

Speaking at the conference organised by the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, our CEO Matti Hietanen highlighted the importance of investments in enhancing self-sufficiency in minerals essential to Europe. Read more >

Joint venture of Finnish Minerals Group and CNGR Advanced Material to promote the pCAM project

The parties have finalised a definitive feasibility study and decided to continue to promote the plant project. Read more >

Pauli Anttila appointed to the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors now has seven members. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group to start feasibility studies on Sokli mining project

The first phase of the assessment is expected to be completed in autumn 2022. Read more >

JM announces intention to exit battery materials operations

Finnish Minerals Group continues to work on its other plant projects in Kymenlaakso and Vaasa. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group’s and Beijing Easpring’s CAM plant project in Kotka is proceeding as planned

The parties have now agreed to continue more detailed investment planning based on a definitive feasibility study. Read more >

Archaeological trial excavations to commence again in Sokli

Trial excavations, site marking and documentation of the old railway will be carried out in the Sokli mining concession. Read more >

Supreme Administrative Court to conduct a review at the Sokli mining concession

The Court will be reviewing the local conditions of the mining project in Savukoski. Read more >

Demolition and renovation works begin in Sokli

Finnish Minerals Group embarks on rehabilitating in the Sokli mining project area. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group and FREYR to work together to establish battery cell production in Finland

The city of Vaasa will be considered as a potential investment location. Read more >

Welcome to online media event on Thursday, 12 August at 10:00

The City of Vaasa, Finnish Minerals Group and another company will hold a joint media event to discuss the development of the Finnish battery value chain. Read more >

Terrafame launches ramp-up of battery chemicals production at the right time

Terrafame, a subsidiary of Finnish Minerals Group, has started the ramp-up of production at its new world-class plant. Read more >

Kymenlaakso info session for contractors raised widespread interest

About 40 companies and almost 100 people registered for the info session organised on battery material projects. Read more >

Jukka Ohtola appointed to the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors now has six members. Read more >

Finnish Battery Chemicals receives reasoned conclusion on EIA report

According to the reasoned conclusion, the EIA report on battery material production provides a comprehensive picture of the project’s key environmental impacts. Read more >

Electrification of car traffic is important for achieving climate targets
electric car

The modernisation of the car stock in Europe is already well under way – and the development of the battery industry is vital for this. Read more >

Take our survey on human rights

Through this survey, we collect feedback from our stakeholders on identifying human rights risks and developing our operations. Read more >

City of Hamina and Finnish Battery Chemicals ready to sign a preliminary agreement

The preliminary agreement concerns a 13.5-hectare plot for the first phase construction of a pCAM plant. Read more >

City of Kotka and Finnish Battery Chemicals get ready to sign a preliminary agreement

The preliminary agreement concerns a plot that is suitable for the initial phase construction of a CAM plant in the Keltakallio industrial site in Kotka. Read more >

Savukoski interview results on mining have been published

We asked the residents of Savukoski in Finland for their opinions on mining as part of a nationwide interview-based survey. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group prepares to invest in auxiliary processes of Johnson Matthey’s battery materials plant

The aim of the strategic partnership is to introduce new high-tech solutions to support the planned production of battery materials in Vaasa, Finland. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group and Circulor to collaborate on mineral traceability

The companies are launching large-scale partnership including technology development to verify the origin data of minerals in the battery value chain. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group Annual Report 2020 published

The Annual Report is now available on the company’s website. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group announces precursor materials plant negotiations with CNGR Advanced Material

The parties are now working on a definitive feasibility study. Read more >

Portfolio company Keliber’s lithium project to receive financing

The new financing arrangement enables the progress of Keliber’s project.  Read more >

Finnish Battery Chemicals has filed the EIA report on battery materials production

The EIA report submitted to the coordinating authority assesses the environmental impact of establishing two battery material plants in Kymenlaakso, Finland. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group joins the ‘Say no to corruption’ campaign

Pledging to combat corruption is part of responsible business. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group hires summer trainees

For the summer season 2021, Finnish Minerals Group will hire trainees for the Sokli project, the legal team and business support. The application period is until 8 February 2021. Read more >

Europe-wide battery development is intensifying

CTO of Finnish Minerals Group Jani Kiuru has been elected to the Executive Board of a new partnership association. Read more >

Tukes decides on the rights to Sokli

The new holder of the rights is our project company Sokli Oy. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group divested its ownership in Sotkamo Silver

The company has sold all its shares in Sotkamo Silver AB. Read more >

Finnish Minerals Group acquires rights to Sokli mining project

Finnish Minerals Group will be responsible for assessing future development opportunities related to the project. Read more >

First letters of intent for battery material plant sites signed

Our project company Finnish Battery Chemicals has now signed letters of intent with the cities of Kotka and Hamina. Read more >

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