How can we meet the incresing demand for electric vehicles, batteries and raw materials? At Finnish Minerals Group, we seek to responsibly maximize the value of Finnish minerals. See our latest updates related to battery and mining ecosystem.

Latest News

Finnish Minerals Group takes part in financing of its subsidiary Terrafame Ltd’s battery chemicals plant – a significant investment for European battery manufacturing value chain

Terrafame Ltd has announced on 25 October 2018 the decision to construct a battery chemicals plant in Terrafame’s industrial site in Sotkamo, Finland. Terrafame’s goal is to have the plant completed at the end of 2020 and commercial production to commence at the start of 2021. Read more >

Two new members to the Finnish Minerals Group’s Board of Directors

The State of Finland has appointed two new members to the Board of Directors of Finnish Minerals Group Read more >

Upcoming events

28/01/2019 - 29/01/2019
Future Mine and Mineral 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

Matti Hietanen, our CEO, is one of the speakers of the conference will focus on the technological advances and a new wave of government incentives driving a potential global revolution in transport and energy storage trends. 

Past events

26/11/2018 - 27/11/2018
Mines and Money London, the UK

For 16 years, Mines and Money London has been the definitive meeting place for the entire international mining and financing community. Read more >

14/11/2018 - 14/11/2018
6th annual High Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials, Brussels

The 6th High level conference on the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on raw materials is the main event of the Raw Materials Week 2018. Read more >

27/10/2018 - 01/11/2018
Kokkola Material Week, Kokkola, Finland

Vesa Koivisto, our Senior Vice President of Battery Operations is one of the speakers at this international conference. Read more >


According to the fresh report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), quick measures must be taken to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Fortunately, ways to reduce emissions already exist. Global warming can be curbed if investments in low-carbon technologies and new innovations can be increased on a global level. The long-term goal must be to reach a balance between humans’ actions and the Earth’s carrying capacity. Read more >

The end of the year saw widespread public debate on mining policy and near panic about the need to revise the Finnish Mining Act. The debate will likely continue as we head towards the Parliamentary Elections in April. Solutions related to the Mining Act are political decisions, and companies in the industry operate in accordance with the legislation in force from time to time. However, there are certain overlooked aspects related to the matter that should be recognized before any major policy decisions are made. Read more >

The municipality of Sotkamo has outlined its strategy’s key themes to be growing vitality, the well-being of its inhabitants and a reasonable use of resources. Each of these goals is supported by the utilization of our municipality’s five strong areas: travel, ores, agriculture, forestry and berries. I will now zoom in at ores more closely. Finland’s rich soil and high level of expertise offer an opportunity for long-term and profitable business that has a significant impact on the region’s economy. Read more >