Battery operations 


Our goal in the EU is to reduce emissions from transport and combat climate change. From the European car industry perspective, electric cars are an excellent solution. In fact, car manufacturers have largely already committed to developing electric cars and bringing them to the market. Reaching the goal will also require building a responsible electric vehicle battery value chain. 

Market estimates carried out at the beginning of 2020 show that battery cell production in Europe is expected to exceed 400 gigawatts in less than ten years. If the target is achieved, Europe will account for around 17 per cent of global cell production. 

increasing the degree of processing

As the only major producer of raw materials for lithium-ion batteries in Europe, Finland is interested in developing battery-based high-tech industrial production. In the view of Finnish Minerals Group, the production of precursors, cathode active materials and battery cells on the basis of partnerships, as well as the circular economy-based industrial production activities associated with batteries, would be a natural continuum for the further refining of Finnish minerals in the battery value chain.