Our corporate responsibility efforts aim for social impact, development of value chain responsibility, and the minimisation of environmental and climate impacts. We regard this work as a solid part of our company strategy and business operations. As the basis of our corporate responsibility work we utilise the ISO 26000 standard.

Social impact

The development of the Finnish lithium-ion battery value chain offers opportunities to increase the degree of processing of minerals produced in Finland, creating high-tech jobs as a result. At the same time, we contribute to supporting the EU’s Green Deal, according to which Europe aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.  

A sustainable value chain

In the mining and battery value chain and our partnerships we work in the spirit of continuous improvement. We are committed to environmental accountability, human rights, good corporate governance as well as financial and tax accountability. We also strive to ensure that our portfolio companies analyse their opportunities and risks and develop their operations in the long term. Internally, Finnish Minerals Group guarantees its staff a safe, healthy and fair working environment. 

Responsibility for the environment and climate

Finnish Minerals Group does not have own industrial operations, but we are well placed to propose initiatives in the mining and battery industry. Our technology team is working on, for example, reducing waste, developing the recovery of by-products and enhancing the internal process circulations. Our objective is also for our portfolio companies to work on minimising environmental impacts, promoting circular economy and aiming for reducing CO2 emissions. 

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