EIA procedures 


In Finland, the environment impact assessment (EIA) procedure consists of a programme and the subsequent report phases. As a first step, the project owner prepares an EIA programme, establishing what the EIA procedure will include and how it will be carried out. The subsequent EIA report will outline the results of the assessment and examine the feasibility of the project from the perspective of environmental impact.

Both documents are delivered to the coordinating authority, which organises a public hearing and gathers written opinions from citizens, organisations and other concerned parties, as well as requests statements from the relevant authorities. The coordinating authority will also give its own statement on the programme and a reasoned conclusion on the report. The EIA report and the reasoned conclusion are later enclosed to the permit application.


In March 2020, we launched an EIA procedure regarding the lithium-ion battery materials production on behalf of our project company, Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy. In October 2020, the EIA procedure was divided in half.

The ongoing Kymenlaakso province EIA procedure focuses on precursor and cathode active material plants whose capacity options are 20,000, 60,000 and 120,000 tonnes per year. In the western coast, the production of precursor and cathode active materials could possibly take place in the same production facility complex. 

Alongside the EIA, we are continuing investment negotiations with potential partners.