Sustainability and impact

Sustainable mining takes the surrounding environment, other business activities, local communities, staff well-being and profitability of business into account at various stages of the mine’s lifecycle. Open and proactive interaction with various stakeholders is an integral part of responsible mining.

Sustainability entails constant efforts to improve operations. In practice, this means, for example, developing new technologies and processes, taking research information into practice and adopting international best practices.

Investments aiming at concrete impact

The mining industry plays a significant role in the Finnish economy. According to a study by FinnMin - Finnish Mining Association, the mining industry’s total output was approximately EUR 3 billion in 2016. The Finnish mining industry provided 13,000 person work years in 2016.

Among the Finnish mining industry, Terrafame Oy is the largest source of value. In 2016, consultancy Ramboll Finland Oy produced a report assessing the annual impacts of Terrafame’s operations in 2019–2023, with the premise that the company is operating at full capacity, in accordance with its strategy. According to the report, Terrafame’s total output is estimated at EUR 1.1 billion per year with approximately 4,300 person-years.

Finnish Minerals Group is aiming at commercially successful and responsible investments while taking societal impacts into consideration. We operate as a long-term strategic owner in the Finnish mining industry.

The development of an integrated Finnish battery value chain ensures that the raw materials and components for electric transport are produced in a manner that is sustainable from the perspective of people, the environment and economy.

The battery operations of Finnish Minerals Group support the increase of electric transport, which is a crucial element in the battle against climate change. 

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