Technological development

Finnish Minerals Group has a technology team tasked with introducing special technological expertise to the company’s projects and providing technological support. Technological expertise is typically needed when the company evaluates and develops initiatives related to investments, new business or the process development itself.

The team also promotes the industrial efficiency and competitiveness of the companies included in Finnish Minerals Group’s investment portfolio by participating in their technological development. Its role is to conduct long-term technical analyses of risks and opportunities and to highlight new, alternative technologies. The companies included in the portfolio are themselves responsible for production planning and technical support.

At the Finnish and EU levels, the technology team operates on a long-term basis in industrial and R&D communities with the aim of promoting industrial renewal and strengthening European competitiveness. Tasks also include applying for external funding for R&D and upscaling projects and for the deployment of industrial-scale applications. 

Technological expertise is an essential part of the active ownership of Finnish Minerals Group. No corresponding teams exist in other state-owned investment companies.

Examples of the goals of advanced technological cooperation projects:  

  • reducing waste
  • recovering by-products
  • improving water management
  • enhancing internal process circulations
  • promoting the circular economy
  • improving metals recovery
  • improving chemical performance

Examples of ongoing cooperation projects:

EIT RawMaterials

Business Finland