Let us know about your views for the development of our corporate responsibility

Finnish Minerals Group has published an e-survey, which gives respondents a possibility to share their views on the company’s corporate responsibility. The survey will be available for responding until Monday, 2 September.

Finnish Minerals Group is collecting information in August–September from its stakeholders using an electronic survey. The results will be used in developing the company’s corporate responsibility management. As many respondents of diverse backgrounds as possible are desired. 

“We are targeting at creating the Finnish battery value chain. Furthermore, we work as an active owner of Finnish mining companies and as a technological developer in the industry. With this survey the respondents have an opportunity to give us ideas for our corporate responsibility work,” comments CEO Matti Hietanen.

It is a standard practice for today’s companies and other organisations to request views from their stakeholders. Finnish Minerals Group will publish news on the survey results at the end of the year, and more will be reported in the company’s next annual report in spring 2020.

Click here to answer the corporate responsibility survey 

You can participate in the survey without disclosing your name.