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We develop mining and battery industries
We develop mining and battery industries


We develop mining and battery industries

Curbing climate change

OUR COMPANY is supporting the electrification of transport and the phasing out of fossil fuels by developing the mining and battery industries in Finland. In this way, we also support the EU's goal of becoming a carbon-neutral continent by 2050. 

We are involved in several battery value chain projects as an investor and developer in collaboration with our partners and an essential part of the battery ecosystem operating in Finland. 

Our current projects

In addition to mining operations, our portfolio includes battery chemicals production. We are also developing projects related to battery materials and aiming for cell production. 

Portfolio companies and development projects

Terrafame Oy

Our subsidiary Terrafame produces nickel and cobalt sulphates for lithium-ion batteries. The company provides its customers with a transparent, traceable and truly European battery chemicals supply chain.

Keliber Oy

Keliber is a mining and battery chemical company that aims to start production of lithium hydroxide in 2025. In addition to mining operations, the company is preparing to establish a chemical plant.

CNGR Finland Oy

CNGR Finland is preparing a plant to produce precursor material in Hamina. The company is targeting at establishing a state-of-the-art production plant with an unprecedentedly low carbon footprint.

Adven-FMG Sodium Sulphate Solutions Oy

Adven and Finnish Minerals Group have been developing a circular economy-based concept for the processing of sodium sulphate in industrial wastewater. The aim is to create industrial solutions on the basis of a service model.

Sokli Oy

Sokli, located in Savukoski is a globally unique area in terms of mineral resources. We are currently performing a comprehensive assessment of the full potential of the area and the profitability of mining operations.

Easpring Finland New Materials Oy

The plant designed to be established in Kotka will produce the cathode active material needed to manufacture lithium-ion batteries. Our partner in the project is Beijing Easpring Material Technology listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Vaasa anode material project

We are evaluating the feasibility of establishing a plant in Vaasa to produce the anode material needed in electric car batteries. Our partner is Epsilon Advanced Materials.

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