Efforts to develop the battery value chain progressing as planned


During its first two years of operation, Finnish Minerals Group has built a robust foundation for investments into a battery value chain in Finland.

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Terrafame’s Sustainability Programme sets course for ambitious goals


Our subsidiary has prepared a programme which provides guidance on using side streams and waste energy, for example.

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The State profits from investing in streamlining permitting procedures


With the current efforts to get Finland back on the path of sustainable growth, it is worth to further streamline the permitting processes for industrial projects.

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Government proposes to capitalise Finnish Minerals Group


Capitalisation would provide new opportunities for developing the Finnish battery value chain and mining operations as well as circular economy projects related to them. 

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Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy, our project company, has launched an environmental impact assessement (EIA) procedure in March 2020 regarding the establishment of two new plants in Finland. Potential locations for the precursor plant are Kokkola, Vaasa, Kotka and Hamina. For the cathode active material plant the potential locations are Vaasa and Kotka.

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