Finnish Minerals Group’s updated strategy focuses on battery value chain development


The battery value chain has potential to create new high-tech industry in Finland.

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The environmental sustainability of mines extends throughout the life cycle


Environmental issues are part of the daily operations of mines and included in their decision-making," says Environmental Specialist Hanna Lampinen on our blog.

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Finnish Battery Chemicals’ battery material project to be subjected to two EIA procedures


The company will continue the EIA procedures separately in the Kymenlaakso province and the western coast of Finland.

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The principle of continuous improvement also applies to human rights


In this interview, Finnish Minerals Group’s Responsibility Committee discusses the development of industry and human rights.

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Aiming for cleaner transport


Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy, our project company, launched an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure in March 2020 regarding the production of battery materials production in Finland. The EIA procedure has now been divided into the Kymenlaakso and western coast procedures, which will be carried out on different schedules. Our aim is to examine two different implementation models for battery materials productions.  

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