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Responsibly maximising the value of Finnish minerals
Responsibly maximising the value of Finnish minerals


Responsibly maximising the value of Finnish minerals


Our strategic mission is to responsibly maximise the value of Finnish minerals. In accordance with our vision, our target is to offer materials for climate neutrality. We have three strategic objectives.

  • We create value through active ownership.
  • We increase the value add by building a Finnish battery value chain.
  • We build sustainable businesses.

Based on this, our aim is to be a forerunner driving prosperity of the Finnish mining and battery industry.

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Finland has strong benefits

Finland provides a good foundation for the production of lithium-ion batteries and the materials they require. There are many factors that make our operating environment a very competitive option for those interested in investing in the battery value chain:

  • top-notch expertise in the chemical industry, process engineering and raw material refining
  • strong innovation that enables us to take the entire industry forward
  • competence clusters useful for the battery value chain
  • responsible operating methods and a society that supports sustainability
  • on a European scale, good mineral resources and high-quality geodata

In Fraser Institute's surveys, Finland has been assessed several times as one of the world's most interesting mining investment regions. 

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