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Responsibly maximising the value of Finnish minerals
Responsibly maximising the value of Finnish minerals


Responsibly maximising the value of Finnish minerals


Our strategic mission is to responsibly maximise the value of Finnish minerals. In accordance with our vision, our target is to provide materials for climate neutrality.

We have the following strategic objectives:

  • We create value through active ownership.
  • We increase the value add by building a Finnish battery value chain.
  • We build sustainable businesses.

Based on this, our aim is to be a forerunner driving prosperity of the Finnish mining and battery industry.

Active ownership in projects

Our goal is to create a new kind of industry in Finland through various projects along the mining and battery value chain. We make our investments on a commercial basis and utilise our own expertise to advance the projects we join. As an investor, we seek to form partnerships with the aim of maximising the value of Finnish minerals responsibly.

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Battery value chain - a unique opportunity

The development of battery technologies increases the applications and utilisation possibilities of batteries. One of the most visible changes is the ongoing transition from internal combustion engine cars to electric cars. The change offers a unique opportunity to build a battery value chain in Finland and Europe for promoting the green transition and creating jobs and economic wellbeing.

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Building sustainable businesses

The demand for mineral raw materials, battery materials and batteries is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. This is also why it is important that mining and the battery value chain industry continues to develop sustainable operations. We are working e.g., to promote new technologies, to process sodium sulphate and to improve the use of raw materials.

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