Two new members to the Finnish Minerals Group’s Board of Directors

The State of Finland has appointed two new members to the Board of Directors of Finnish Minerals Group.

Two new members have been appointed as ordinary members of the Finnish Minerals Group’s Board of Directors as of 28 March 2019. New members are Head of Mining Excellence Teija Kankaanpää (Yara International) and CEO Ilpo Korhonen (VAK Oy). Head of EU and International Affairs Janne Känkänen (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment) continues as chairman of the board. Partner Antti Kummu (Capman Growth Equity) has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Board. Deputy Head of Budget Juha Majanen (Ministry of Finance), Senior Financial Adviser Minna Pajumaa (Prime Minister's Office) and CEO Eeva Ruokonen (Oy Terrekta Ab) continue as members of the board.



Janne Känkänen, Chairman of the Board, Finnish Minerals Group
+358 50 3964990, janne.kankanen@mineralsgroup.fi