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Corporate responsibility principles for service providers and suppliers

Finnish Minerals Group expects all its suppliers of goods and services to uphold its corporate responsibility principles.


10. September 2020

FINNISH MINERALS GROUP has published a code of conduct, which lays down the corporate responsibility principles that all its suppliers of goods and services, regardless of size, must observe. The aim is to encourage the supply chain to look for better and more sustainable ways of working.

According to the principles, Finnish Minerals Group expects its suppliers to commit to good corporate governance and staff welfare and plan their procedures with the environment and nature in mind.

“We see corporate responsibility as a process of continuous improvement. With these new principles, we address tangible issues that we also expect our suppliers to pay particular attention to. It is in our interest to support the sustainable development of the mining and battery industry and the entire supply chain,” explains CEO Matti Hietanen.

Finnish Minerals Group welcomes feedback from suppliers of goods and services who notice potential weaknesses in its practices. By the same token, the company expects its suppliers to speak up about any aspects of the principles that they find difficult to implement. Finnish Minerals Group can also proactively ask its suppliers for explanations and action. The goal is to deal with any issues that require corrective action.

Focus on staff welfare

In today’s world, supply chains are very often global, and many service providers and suppliers are global companies. This offers a good opportunity to address human rights, for example.

“We are committed to respecting the UN and ILO principles regarding the human rights and rights at work, and we expect our suppliers to do the same. With our principles, we pay special attention to staff welfare and encourage our suppliers to look after health and safety at work,” Hietanen says.

Finnish Minerals Group will review and update the principles once a year or as needed. The latest document version will be kept available on Finnish Minerals Group’s website, and it will be utilised with invitations to tender and appended to contracts.


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Corporate responsibility principles for suppliers of goods and services



10. September 2020