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Finnish Minerals Group joins the Global Battery Alliance

Finnish Minerals Group joins the global collaboration platform that improves sustainability and establishes global standards in the battery industry.


12. May 2022

Finnish Minerals Group has joined the Global Battery Alliance (GBA). Founded in 2017, the GBA is a public-private collaboration platform, whose objective is to build a sustainable battery value chain by 2030. With more than 100 members, the GBA is comprised of companies operating in the battery industry, research organisations, international organisations and non-governmental organisations.

The GBA’s guiding principles include the establishment of a circular battery value chain, promoting a low-carbon economy and safeguarding human rights and sustainable economic development. The platform implements action partnerships, the first of which seeks to create a global Battery Passport that offers global criteria and data to enhance transparency and sustainability in the value chain. The second action partnership concerns the improvement of sustainability in critical mineral supply chains.

GBA has already graduated a cobalt action partnership to the Responsible Mineral Initiative to implement frameworks for artisanal and small-scale mining of cobalt and work towards eliminating child labour from the value chain. The GBA also addresses issues related to energy access, lead poisoning and circularity in emerging economies.

“We believe that the GBA will be one of the most important players in creating globally shared benchmarks, rules and measures that bolster sustainability and transparency in the value chain of the battery industry. Through our membership, we have a chance to, for example, contribute to the development of the Battery Passport and other industry standards as well as participate in global decision-making. In addition, the membership helps us find like-minded partners and understand the objectives of industry actors around the world. We are the first Finnish company to join the GBA, so our affiliation benefits the future of the entire Finnish battery industry,” says Jani Adolfsson-Tallqvist, Development Manager at Finnish Minerals Group.

“We are very pleased to welcome Finnish Minerals Group to the GBA and look forward to working with them on our shared goal of a sustainable, transparent and traceable battery value chain,” says Inga Petersen, Executive Director of the Global Battery Alliance.

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The mission of Finnish Minerals Group is to responsibly maximise the value of Finnish minerals. We manage the State’s mining industry shareholdings and strive to develop the Finnish value chain of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, we are engaged in long-term technology development of the mining and battery industry. Through our work, we contribute to Europe moving towards electric transport and a more sustainable future.