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Sanja-Maria and Atte took up their summer jobs

Finnish Minerals Group has hired two summer trainees who have started their work remotely.


22. May 2020

AT THE BEGINNING of the year, Finnish Minerals Group looked for two summer trainees to work in investment and technology development positions. Based on applications and interviews, Sanja-Maria Olli and Atte Jortikka were hired for the jobs. Both have started their work in early May.

Sanja-Maria Olli’s goal is to complete her chemistry studies at the University of Oulu by early autumn. Her thesis, which discusses the challenges and potential of solid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries, is already finished. Atte Jortikka, in turn, is studying accounting and finance at Hanken School of Economics and has about a year left to go.

Both young workers have started in their jobs remotely, with work scheduled to continue until the end of August.

“I think that orientation to work has started well. People have been very nice, encouraging and given advice on how to get started with assignments,” Sanja-Maria describes.

“I immediately got to work on a real project, and orientation is handled online through Teams,” says Atte.

Employers compete for summer employees every year using both the work tasks and their corporate images.

Sanja-Maria is interested in the battery industry specifically and says that she saw the traineeship as an opportunity to find employment in a field that has a future. This summer, she expects to see how she can develop in her work.

For Atte, it was important that the job description was interesting and matched his studies. He sees the coming months as a unique opportunity to dive into the mining and battery sector. At the same time, the goal is to be able to utilise and refine the skills learned at university in practice. 


22. May 2020