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Savukoski interview results on mining have been published

We asked the residents of Savukoski in Finland for their opinions on mining as part of a nationwide interview-based survey.


29. April 2021

According to a recent survey on mining, Savukoski residents appreciate the jobs generated by mines and they want to keep mining activities in Finland. Savukoski has approximately 1,000 residents, of whom 50 responded to the survey.

The survey respondents were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with 15 statements about mines and mining. Based on the results, 82 per cent of the respondents fully or somewhat agreed that the mining industry brings work in many localities that otherwise would have a shortage of jobs. 78 per cent of the respondents also fully or somewhat agreed that Finnish mineral rights are sold for too low to foreign operators. The respondents disagreed the most with the statement ‘Mines are not needed in Europe as raw materials can be imported from other regions’.

Also in the survey, the respondents were asked to spontaneously name Finnish mines and mining technology companies. The two mines that Savukoski residents knew the best were Boliden Kevitsa mine in Sodankylä and Agnico-Eagle Suurikuusikko mine in Kittilä. The respondents also mentioned several other mines, which included mines that are in operation or in the planning phase, and mines that have already been closed. Mining technology companies are not widely known in Finland, however, Savukoski residents were able to name several, including Sandvik, Epiroc and Outotec.

Further investigation is needed on the development opportunities of Sokli mining project

The reason why Finnish Minerals Group is interested in the opinions of the residents of Savukoski is the company’s acquisition of the rights to the Sokli mining project located there. The rights acquired in December 2020 are held by our fully-owned subsidiary, Sokli Oy. Our goal is to analyse the mining project’s development opportunities considering the transport connections, technological solutions and potential by-products, such as rare earth elements. 

The survey interviews were conducted by phone by market research company Taloustutkimus Oy between 10 and 19 March 2021. The respondents were Finnish men and women from Savukoski aged between 15 and 79.


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29. April 2021