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Take a virtual tour of the Sokli mining project

An interactive experience of Sokli is provided through satellite, drone and 3D images.


03. November 2022

What do Sokli’s 363 years old mineral deposit and its surroundings in Savukoski, Finland look like? Now you can take a virtual tour of Sokli. The interactive presentation includes satellite, drone and 3D images.

The presentation lets you

  • explore the project as a whole
  • view the location and nearby areas
  • study the mineral deposits from different angles through 3D modelling

“For the first time in the history of Sokli, we have been able to create a comprehensive geological 3D model of the top of the Sokli carbonatite deposit. Our approach is to communicate openly about the project, and sharing this kind of information is part of this principle of openness. We want to make the presentation available to everyone who is interested in the project. Visualising will help people understand the Sokli mining project better and bring it closer to us all,” says Project Director Pasi Heino.

The ore deposit in Sokli was discovered in the 1960s. The mineral reserves in the area are unique by global standards: in addition to phosphate and iron, the deposit contains for instance rare earth elements, manganese, vermiculite, niobium and copper.

We are now exploring the area’s mineral resources and the profitability of mining operations comprehensively. Sokli’s mineral resources would help to strengthen Europe’s self-sufficiency in important raw materials.

Further information:

View the presentation
Read more about the Sokli mining project

Pasi Heino, Project Director
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03. November 2022