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The green transition set the pace for Finnish Minerals Group in 2022

Our Annual Report for 2022 is now available on our website.


30. March 2023

For mining sector and battery value chain operators, the year 2022 was a time of rapid growth on account of the green transition and, on the other hand, a time of uncertainty on account of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Finnish Minerals Group used this time to advance its investment projects and participate in the development of its portfolio companies’ operations.

For the group companies of Finnish Minerals Group, profit for the financial year totalled EUR 79.1 million and total assets amounted to EUR 1.2 billion. In addition to the parent company Finnish Minerals Group, the Group includes Terrafame Oy, the mining project company Sokli Oy and the battery value chain project company Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy. The parent company’s profit for the financial year 2022 totalled EUR 4.2 million, and its total assets amounted to EUR 580.3 million.

Continuing as members of the Board of Finnish Minerals Group on the basis of the decisions made at the General Meeting of Shareholders held on 30 March 2023 are: Antti Kummu (Chair), Olavi Huhtala (Vice Chair), Pauli Anttila, Teija Kankaanpää, Ilpo Korhonen, Jukka Ohtola and Eeva Ruokonen. The other matters decided on at the General Meeting include corporate responsibility, the financial statements, and the company remuneration policy and executive pay.


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The mission of Finnish Minerals Group is to responsibly maximise the value of Finnish minerals. We manage the State’s mining industry holdings and strive to develop the Finnish value chain of lithium-ion batteries. Through our work, we contribute to Europe moving towards electric transport and a more sustainable future.