City of Kotka and Finnish Battery Chemicals get ready to sign a preliminary agreement


The preliminary agreement concerns a plot that is suitable for the initial phase construction of a CAM plant in the Keltakallio industrial site in Kotka.

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Finland is emerging as Europe's leading manufacturer of battery materials


Following the recent announcements, it seems clear that our battery ecosystem is turning into something unique, blogs Finnish Minerals Group’s Vesa Koivisto.

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Savukoski interview results on mining have been published


We asked the residents of Savukoski in Finland for their opinions on mining as part of a nationwide interview-based survey.

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Finnish Minerals Group prepares to invest in auxiliary processes of Johnson Matthey’s battery materials plant


The aim of the strategic partnership is to introduce new high-tech solutions to support the planned production of battery materials in Vaasa, Finland.

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Aiming for cleaner transport


Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy, our project company, launched an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure in March 2020 on the production of battery materials in Finland. Also the first letters of intent regarding the possible industrial sites have been signed. 

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