Where to find growth to accompany the battery boom?


In addition to electric cars and batteries, Europe must also strive for leadership in other markets for low-carbon technologies, writes our guest blogger Olli Salmi.

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Sanja-Maria and Atte took up their summer jobs


Finnish Minerals Group has hired two summer trainees who have started their work remotely.

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Seven questions for the new Chair of the Board


Antti Kummu’s expertise in working with growth companies and carrying out restructuring is now at Finnish Minerals Group’s disposal.

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Preparations underway for the EIA report on battery materials production


Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy received the ELY Centre’s statement on the EIA programme for battery materials production, which the company submitted to the authority in March 2020.

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Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy, our project company, has launched an environmental impact assessement (EIA) procedure in March 2020 regarding the establishment of two new plants in Finland. Potential locations for the precursor plant are Kokkola, Vaasa, Kotka and Hamina. For the cathode active material plant the potential locations are Vaasa and Kotka.

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