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The highest decision-making body is the Annual General Meeting

Finnish Minerals Group is a limited liability company in which the highest decision-making power is exercised by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The General Meeting of Shareholders decides e.g. on the following matters:

  • the adoption of the financial statements
  • use of the profit shown on the balance sheet
  • discharging the Board members and the CEO from liability
  • election and remuneration of the Board members and the auditor

The Board is responsible for organising the governance

The Board of Directors of Finnish Minerals Group is responsible for the governance of our company and the appropriate organisation of its operations. In addition, it is responsible for ensuring that the control of accounting and asset management is properly organised. The Board is also responsible for the company’s strategic development and the steering and supervision of its business operations, as well as the decisions regarding the company's key operating principles.

Our Board of Directors consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of seven ordinary members, and it shall comply with rules of procedure, which contain the key duties and operating principles of the Board and its committees. Our Board has committees for audit, corporate responsibility, and personnel and remuneration matters.

The Leadership Team supports the CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for our company's operational management in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act and other legal provisions, as well as the guidelines and regulations of the Board of Directors. The Board decides on the appointment and dismissal of the CEO and on the terms of employment for the position. The Board and CEO are responsible for the arrangement of internal control, risk management and internal auditing.

The CEO is supported by the Executive Leadership Team, whose task it is to assist the CEO in steering and developing the business operations and to prepare matters to be handled by the Board. At the moment, our Leadership Team consists of six people in addition to the CEO.

The management system of Finnish Minerals Group