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We bear responsibility for the environment

At the core of our strategy is the development of the European and Finnish battery production value chain, which is vital for the electrification of transport. As vehicles with internal combustion engines are replaced with electric vehicles, carbon dioxide emissions from traffic will decrease.

As part of this transition in transport, the environmental impacts of all aspects of the production of the lithium-ion batteries needed for electric vehicles must be minimised. For us, this means improving efficiency in metal extraction and chemical performance, enhanced internal circulation, improved water treatment, and reduction of waste.

Water treatment in focus

We are contributing to making the mining and battery industry as sustainable as possible, thus generating value in the industry. In practice, we make new technologies available to our portfolio companies and continue developing the existing ones. We also engage in R&D.

At the moment, we are working on the treatment of sulphate-containing waters and the traceability of minerals, and the possibility of adding environmental, social and economic data to the minerals produced. In this, we are engaging in cooperation with other enterprises and organisations.

Our portfolio companies have the responsibility for devising strategic plans to minimise environmental impacts and to support a circular economy, and to bring those plans to the Boards of Directors of the companies for approval. We can then leverage our expertise to support our portfolio companies in attaining the goals.

A vision for sodium sulphate treatment