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We stick to our good principles

In our day-to-day work, we follow our Code of Ethics, which governs cooperation, responsible business, investments, conflicts of interest, and the offering and receiving of gifts. Correspondingly, we require our suppliers to commit to corporate social responsibility in financial and tax matters, in the well-being of the workplace community, and in matters concerning nature and the environment. We are also a part of the global battery value chain and rely on the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct.

As an investment company, we require that the companies we invest in protect their employees and the environment, undertake corruption prevention measures, and avoid benefiting from unethical activities.

Policies guide our personnel

In our company, employees are informed about new policies and policy updates, and wider changes are reviewed together. Typically, several employees are involved in drafting and commenting on any new policy at the preparation stage. Team leaders are responsible for ensuring that newcomers also familiarise themselves with our ethical principles and operating policies. Our aim is for all of our employees to share the same understanding of our ethical foundation and related guidelines.

The ethical guideline of the parent company, Finnish Minerals Group, and the policies and guidelines adopted by its Board of Directors are directly binding on the fully owned subsidiaries Sokli Oy and Finnish Battery Chemicals Oy. In our investment portfolio companies, the Boards of Directors of these companies are responsible for organising operations sustainably.