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Improving sustainability in cooperation

Our operations are linked to numerous stakeholders in Finland, in the EU and worldwide. We cooperate with a variety of service providers, expert organisations and research institutions. In industrial projects, we engage in dialogue with our partner companies, local residents, landowners and organisations. We also keep political parties, trade unions and employer unions informed of what we do.

The European lithium-ion battery production value chain is currently being built. We are pioneers in the field and, as such, we have acquired expertise that we are applying to develop the value chain as a whole. We are involved in broad-based cooperation, for instance, through the Batteries European Partnership Association, the Global Battery Alliance, and the European Raw Materials Alliance, all of which focus on improving corporate social responsibility.

Our stakeholders

Human rights matters concern the entire supply chain

The products of our Group and of our portfolio companies are used in the electrification of transport and the production and storage of energy, to help curb climate change. The manufacture of the products and the raw materials used are tied up with a number of human rights issues to which we must pay special attention.

The most salient human rights issues that our Group and our stakeholders are focused on are: occupational health and safety; equality and non-discrimination; the right to a healthy environment and to a decent standard of living; and fair working conditions and freedom of association. In mining projects, for example, the aim is for us and the rights holders to negotiate and agree on any matters.

Our employees are one of our most important stakeholder groups, and we regularly monitor their job satisfaction and well-being at work. By default, all our employees are equal, regardless of their background or their duties, and as a company we take systematic action to prevent inequality and discrimination. We also address harassment and other inappropriate behaviour in accordance with our predefined process.