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We value long-term work efforts

Our company culture is young, and we have developed it from the very beginning to meet today’s expectations. We want to support comprehensive well-being and the feeling that employees can be themselves when working with us. Our work focuses on large development projects, so we value perseverance and long-term work efforts.

In our HR policy, we have three objectives:

  • to support the implementation of the company’s strategy and achievement of its objectives
  • to ensure the occupational well-being and job satisfaction of the personnel
  • to encourage the development of competences and job roles

Our personnel has increased in number gradually and we are now more than 30 people. It is the responsibility of all of us to contribute to a good work atmosphere.

We have four core values

In the summer of 2022, we updated our values based on our personnel's expectations. Our revised values include something familiar from before and something new.

  • Courage – We have the courage to develop a new kind of industry. When needed, we disagree with mainstream views and speak up. All the risks we take are carefully considered and justified. When we face failures, we learn from them to grow stronger. We value diversity – dare to be yourself!
  • Integrity – We are honest and responsible, with strong ethics. We are trustworthy and committed to dialogue and long-term cooperation as well as partnerships, which we prove through our daily professional actions and results. 
  • Curiosity – We are open-minded and look for opportunities also where others cannot see them. We are ready to step outside our comfort zone. We are agile and constantly improving our ability to respond to the opportunities of our rapidly evolving operating environment.
  • Care – We care for the environment, society, our colleagues, and stakeholders. In our decision-making and actions, we always take into account safety and well-being.

Remuneration supports the retention of people

In our remuneration policy, we have defined the starting points for our salary and remuneration principles, which are based on the instructions of the state-owner. The Board of Directors of our company decides on the performance-bonus model annually.

Our goal is to use the means of remuneration to support the retention of the people who have the necessary skills, experience and motivation for striving to achieve the goals in line with company strategy.